Yoga for Back Pain

Hi there, thanks so much for visiting! My name is Dr. Kirstie Griffiths and I am a chiropractor and a yoga instructor who has dedicated my career to helping people overcome back pain.

In my clinical experience, I have found that patients are the most successful when they combine the hands-on treatment provided in the clinic with active care in the form of exercise. I began recommending yoga to my patient but found that many of them faced barriers to accessing yoga classes in gyms or studios. Although they were interested in trying yoga, several factors were holding them back from making the leap to take these classes:

Some of them were not in a position to financially commit to an annual gym membership

Many found these settings intimidating and worried that the instruction would not be specific enough to address their particular needs

The majority were fearful of moving with their pain, as they felt it would make things worse

I developed this program because I noticed that a gap exists between doctors prescribing yoga, and patients being able to access yoga in a safe, accessible and effective way. This 12-week online program combines Education, Movement, and Meditation that is specifically designed for people with back pain. It will provide you with a better understanding of your body, so that you can feel confident stepping into your local gym or studio and knowing how to make these classes work for you. This specialized online program includes:

12 educational videos (15 minutes each) covering scientifically-backed, current information on back pain to help you understand your pain and manage it more effectively.

12 guided yoga classes (45 minutes each), each complete with a closing meditation. These classes begin at a foundational level and build progressively over the course of the program. They include cueing, sequencing, and modifications that are specific for back pain. These classes are designed with safety in mind and incorporate best-practices in physical rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Take a peek at the video below showcasing a clip from the first yoga class in the program

When you purchase this program, you receive access to all of the content up front and are able to work through the material at your own pace, on your own schedule, and from the comfort of your own home. I want to help you understand your body better and provide you with the tools to manage your back pain so that you can get back to living.

Sign up today for $299.

See what other people are saying about Yoga for Back Pain!

"I had never taken yoga classes before & was very intimidated by the idea of going by myself to a big gym. Then I found out about Dr. Kirstie’s classes for lower back pain & thought I’d give it a try. I’m so glad I did!! If a pose felt uncomfortable, you could try something else. I never felt awkward or out of place. Dr. Kirstie created a very relaxing & zen environment, which is how I pictured yoga classes SHOULD feel. She’s a fantastic teacher. If you get the chance to sign up for one of her classes, do it! Your body & mind will thank you."


"I've gone to lots of yoga classes in the past but never really learned much. Dr. Griffiths low back pain class is very therapeutic but also really informative - I came away with a better understanding of movement"


"I have loved my 12-week low back yoga class with Dr. Griffiths! I had never tried yoga before so I was a bit nervous walking into the first class. But then as she started to teach, all my nerves went away because of how she teaches. She shows you all different modifications of each pose to best fit each individual’s needs. She ensures everyone to only do what feels right and don't do anything that hurts. This was so important to me because my first class, I had really bad low back pain so I was unable to do all the poses. Over the past 12 weeks, not only has my pain improved dramatically, but I have the confidence to practice yoga on my own or to attend other classes. I highly recommend participating in Dr. Griffiths yoga classes, I promise you will love every minute of it!!"


“I found my twelve weeks participation in the low back pain series to be the perfect way to re-establish my yoga practice. Not only did it help heal past injuries; it gave me the confidence to hit the mat again on a consistent basis. Kirstie is a knowledgeable, respectful and a grateful yogi to her students, inviting them to return again and again"

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