For anyone struggling with back pain…

Finally gain control of your pain so you can get back to a life that brings you joy!

Yoga for Back Pain teaches you how to gently relieve tension and pain—on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home.

How long have you been putting off dealing with that nagging back pain?

Maybe you try to exercise but only end up making things worse.

Maybe you want to try yoga but feel out of your element in a big studio class.

Maybe you’re just too stressed and overwhelmed to figure out what you should do to make things better.

You are not alone. 80% of adults experience back pain in their lifetime. But we’re treating it the wrong way.


Truth is that 90% of back pain is mechanical in nature.

That means that regardless of how or when your back pain began, almost all back pain relates to muscle, joint, and nerve dysfunction. The solution is not just medications and rest!!

Doctors now agree that some of the most effective strategies to manage and overcome back pain are lifestyle education, hands-on therapies, and structured exercises—like yoga.

Imagine knowing exactly how to bend and stretch your body to move more comfortably and freely through your day…

Deepen your understanding of your body and what it needs to feel strong and healthy.

Become aware of movements that trigger pain and how to shift things from moment to moment.

Cultivate a sense of calm and confidence to move through your day with less stress.

Enjoy swimming in the lake, taking long hikes, playing on the floor with your kids, or whatever other activities you love—without the pain holding you back.

You can achieve all of this and more on your own time and in your own home—without the financial commitment or intimidation of joining a yoga studio.

I can’t wait for you to join me in…

Yoga for Back Pain

Learn how to gently relieve tension and pain with this 12-week program—on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home.

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Here’s What’s Included


Education for Empowered Action

You’ll be guided step-by-step through 12 weekly educational videos to learn everyday strategies to understand and manage your back pain.

  • Understand the anatomy of your back pain so you can figure out what triggers or relieves it.
  • Learn the best exercises to strengthen and support the low back.
  • Discover how to optimize your ergonomics both at work and at home.


Yoga Classes for Mindful Movement

You’ll have instant and unlimited access to 12 recorded yoga classes that are each 45 minutes long. All classes are specifically designed to be safe and supportive for individuals with back pain.

  • Feel confident that you are moving in a way that will not trigger or worsen your pain.
  • Learn exercise modifications to meet your unique and specific needs.
  • Repeat your favorite yoga classes as often and for as long as you like!


Meditation for Cultivating Awareness

Each of the recorded yoga classes ends with a brief guided meditation. Meditation taps into the power of the mind to bring more awareness to relieve stress and tension from the body.

  • Treat yourself with the gift of rest and relaxation after your practice.
  • Carry a sense of peace and calm throughout your day.
  • Enjoy the benefits of less stress, better sleep, and improved wellbeing.


Bonus Implementation Handouts

You’ll get downloadable handouts to make it easy to take action on what you learn and apply it to everyday life. Many of these are included in Dr. Kirstie Griffiths’ best-selling book, but they are available to you for free in this course.


"I had never taken yoga classes before & was very intimidated by the idea of going by myself to a big gym. Then I found out about Dr. Kirstie’s classes for lower back pain & thought I’d give it a try. I’m so glad I did!! If a pose felt uncomfortable, you could try something else. I never felt awkward or out of place. Dr. Kirstie created a very relaxing & zen environment, which is how I pictured yoga classes SHOULD feel. She’s a fantastic teacher. If you get the chance to sign up for one of her classes, do it! Your body & mind will thank you."

"I've gone to lots of yoga classes in the past but never really learned much. Dr. Griffiths low back pain class is very therapeutic but also really informative - I came away with a better understanding of movement."

"I have loved my 12-week low back yoga class with Dr. Griffiths! I had never tried yoga before so I was a bit nervous walking into the first class. But then as she started to teach, all my nerves went away because of how she teaches. She shows you all different modifications of each pose to best fit each individual’s needs. She ensures everyone to only do what feels right and don't do anything that hurts. This was so important to me because my first class, I had really bad low back pain so I was unable to do all the poses. Over the past 12 weeks, not only has my pain improved dramatically, but I have the confidence to practice yoga on my own or to attend other classes. I highly recommend participating in Dr. Griffiths yoga classes, I promise you will love every minute of it!!"

“I found my twelve weeks participation in the low back pain series to be the perfect way to re-establish my yoga practice. Not only did it help heal past injuries; it gave me the confidence to hit the mat again on a consistent basis. Kirstie is a knowledgeable, respectful and a grateful yogi to her students, inviting them to return again and again."

Yoga works for back pain because it incorporates movement, breathwork, mindfulness, and awareness.

Get a sneak peek behind the scenes!

What to Expect

Here’s what will happen after you click that ‘sign me up’ button:

01. Get Instant Access

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive an email with login details. You’ll have instant access to all 12 weeks of educational videos, yoga classes, and meditations right away.

02. Exercise at Your Own Pace

Unlike a studio or gym, you don’t have to show up at a specific time! You can work through the 12 weeks of yoga classes whenever works best—whether that’s after you get the kids to bed at night or before you get showered for work in the morning.

03. Make Yoga Part of Your Routine

You’ll have unlimited access to all of the content and videos in Yoga for Back Pain for life. That means you can repeat any yoga classes you love or return to them whenever you need to get back on track.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Kirstie Griffiths, DC

Hi there, I’m Dr. Kirstie Griffiths—a Canadian chiropractor, yoga instructor, and best-selling author.

I started teaching yoga to patients in my chiropractic practice when I realized there was no other place for them to get yoga instruction that was specific for back pain.

After running these classes in person, I decided to make them available online so that anybody who wants to learn safe and gentle ways to relieve back pain can do so in the comfort of their own home.

I look forward to guiding you through Yoga for Back Pain!


Ready to get back to the things that bring you joy?

Yoga for Back Pain

  • 12 Educational Videos
  • 12 Recorded Yoga & Meditation Classes
  • Bonus Implementation Handouts

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